Gokoo helps Safa turn her talent into a business

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Gokoo revamped Safa's side-hustle by building an efficient and visually pleasing website highlighting her vibrant Bollyx dance classes. Gokoo streamlined bookings and payments, replacing manual methods. Safa's distinct brand now gained a new life through a personalized design, attracting an increasing number of audience.

Mesh Farah and Arshia Rahimi

— Gokoo Team


Safa Jabrani — Professional Dance Fitness Instructor, Toronto

Mesh Farah and Arshia Rahimi


Product Brainstorming, Web Design, Brand Identity Creation, Payment Integration

Team: 1 designer and 1 developer

Jun 1, 2023

Aug 1, 2023


- WordPress - Elementor - WooCommerce - Events (calender booking)


Safa grappled with manual payment and booking processes, limiting efficiency and scale. The absence of a structured system for reminders resulted in missed classes and reduced engagement. Managing diverse services—BollyX classes, wedding choreography, and corporate events—demanded effective presentation. To streamline operations and elevate professionalism, Safa sought centralized scheduling, online payments, and cohesive branding.


Gokoo's solution encompassed crafting a dynamic website that seamlessly streamlined Safa's dance business. The website showcased BollyX classes, wedding choreography, and corporate events, offering easy navigation and detailed information. It automated payment and booking processes, eradicating manual efforts. A centralized calendar provided clients with class schedules, while automated reminders ensured engagement. Gokoo's branding expertise revitalized Safa's image, forging a consistent brand kit.


Efficient Operations: Automated payment and booking processes streamlined administrative tasks, reducing errors, saving time, and increasing earnings potential.

  1. Enhanced Engagement: The centralized calendar and automated reminders improved client engagement, minimizing missed classes.

  2. Expanded Reach: The dynamic website showcased Safa's diverse services, attracting a broader audience beyond social media, fostering growth.

  3. Strong Brand Identity: Gokoo's branding efforts established a consistent and professional brand image, bolstering Safa's market presence and recognition.