Gokoo helps Simplify Home launch and make more homes feel like home

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SimplifyHome is dedicated to transforming homes into spaces of harmony and joy. Their mission is realized through offering durable products, expert design advice, and practical tips for home organization. Gokoo designed a website that not only aligns with but also beautifully encapsulates SimplifyHome's core essence. The website now mirrors the brand's commitment to simplicity and functionality.

Mesh Farah and Arshia Rahimi

— Gokoo Team


SimplifyHome, Brampton

Mesh Farah and Arshia Rahimi


Brainstorming, Strategy Consulting, Web Design, Shopify Developer, Photography, Videography, Copywriting

Team: 1 Videographer, 1 Developer, 1 Copywriter

Jan 1, 2023

Mar 1, 2023


- Shopify


Gokoo's challenge while building SimplifyHome's website was harmonizing the brand's values of simplicity, harmony, and joy with an intuitive user experience. The task involved effectively showcasing durable products, home design expertise, and practical tips in a visually engaging manner. Balancing comprehensive presentation with simplicity, Gokoo aimed to create an online platform that aligns with SimplifyHome's mission, offering users an effortless and engaging journey towards home transformation.


Gokoo used Shopify to build the SimplifyHome's website giving the non-technical owners the ability to tweak and update the websites easily. After weeks of custom development, SimplifyHome website was launched to inspire people live simplified lives.


  • Enhanced Brand Representation: SimplifyHome's core values of simplicity, harmony, and joy were effectively translated through the website's visual appeal and content, strengthening brand identity.

  • Increased Conversion Potential: The combination of intuitive navigation, engaging visuals, and efficient checkout processes on Shopify contributed to a potential increase in conversion rates and overall business growth.

  • Integrated Social Media Advertisement Performance: By integrating Meta and Google to Shopify, the client is able to run and measure ads easily.